Swamp is Slimy, Toads are Shiny

The Lead Up

Also known as how you got here.

There has always been tension between The Human Mecca of Sandpoint and The Great and Powerful Goblin “City” of the Licktoads. In the past adventures, or simply brave humans from the mecca would come looking to Goblin ears. It was a great relief to all the Goblins in the area when it inexplicably stopped, though it left many a Goblin ear-less. Having been given a reprieve from fight off countless adventures in search of your ears the Licktoad Goblins sought power over the area. The means to get this power came after the banishment of Skribbleface. In the process of burning all his evil writtings a map was discovered that lead to the recovery of Fireworks witch where found at the site of a shipwreck. This was a separate adventure put out by Paizo on Free RPG Day called “We Be Goblin” and may still be available to download on their web site.

With the fireworks now firmly in hand The Great and Powerful Goblin “City” of the Licktoads have indeed become a force to be reckoned with in the area. All this Goblin activity seems to have caught the eyes of the Humans and before you could finish a game of Beat the Bard Black and Blue adventurers had come again looking to highly valued Goblin ears. The deal with the onslaught of people trying to hunt you down Supreme Mayer and Over Seer of the Licktoads Chief Gutwad has sent out several small parties to ambush anyone who might have lofty ideas.

All the names and places are creations of Paizo and probable subject to their copyright.



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