Goblin Race

Goblins do Not have racial hit die, so just use your classes Hit Dice. For first level please take max hit die.

-2 Strength, +4 Dexterity, -2 Charisma In other words Goblins are quick, base speed of 30 ft, but repulsive and puny. Don’t let this get you down though Goblins are not attracted to each other based on looks! Instead they will seek out the goblin most likely to protect them in the future. So the more powerful you look the more likely other goblins are to “like” you.

As a Goblin you have a few limited things your just good at. Goblins are accomplished rides, +4 racial bonus to ride skill, and can hop on anything and stay there. This does not always mean what your riding is going in a direction you wanted to travel. Also they can be surprisingly quiet, +4 racial bonus to stealth skill. Just because you have decided to be sneaking doesn’t mean your buddies got the memo, so in spite of this boon to their hopes for survival few Goblins can take advantage of it in in large groups. Finally Goblins are relatively small and hard to hit +1 size bonus to AC. Sadly it is a combination of these very things that make it hard for them to pull of even simple none stabbing maneuvers like trip, -1 combat maneuver. Happily this is tactic that few Goblin employ, unless it had been otherwise planned in an ambush. Of course a lack of practice with this sort of combat means they are also not great at defending against it, -1 combat maneuver defense, sorry.

Last but not least Goblins have a limited ability to see color, darkvision 60ft. This does not mean they are color blind. I know darkvision mean you cannot see colors in the book, but Goblins can see some colors! Just don’t argue okay. All Goblins can speak Goblin and very smart goblins can speak other languages as well. You will need at least a +2 Intelligence to speak something that is not Goblin. Also there are not good Goblins you can be any flavor of evil and you can be all manner of natural unless it’s lawful.

Goblin Race

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