Goblins of FATE

This campaign has been fast and loose with the rules so far. So much so, that in the last session, the GM just rolled 4df for all of our actions. Since most of the people in the group are fans of the FATE system and it would be funny; Kavak is getting turned into a FATE character.

I’m going to use the Legends of Anglerre book for the conversion and will list some of the details below. If anyone else would like to do a similar transfer, I’m pretty sure the group will be on board.

Character Template: Soon

Racial Template: GOBLINS

The green rodents of the humanoid races, goblins are a plague upon this world. They are violent, hungry, disorganized, and have the collective attention span of a caffeinated hummingbird. They will eat almost anything, love to make “pickles”, hate horses, and will stab you in the back for no reason other than convenience. Their diminutive size and enormous football shaped heads make them look like hideous green children. Goblin society isn’t so much a civilization as a persistent unruly mob. Oh, and they REALLY like to burn things.

Typical Goblin Occupations:

Fighter, Rogue

Typical Power Skills:

Death, Elements

Goblin Aspects:

Watch it burn!
Goblins love to light things on fire, it is their greatest joy in life.
Invoke: Gain a bonus at setting things on fire. A really BIG fire.
Compel: The character lights a fire when bored and burns something important or gives away their position.

Sneaky Little Bastards
Despite their lack of intelligence and attention span, Goblins excel at sneaking up on people. It’s a gift.
Invoke: Make it that much easier to sneak up behind an intrepid adventurer and stab them in the spleen.
Compel: No one trusts goblins. Good luck getting around in town.

Mayhem Packed in Every Ounce
Goblins are great at starting trouble. A little too great at it.
Invoke: “Hey look! A distraction!”
Compel: In your enthusiasm you spring the ambush too early, and now everyone knows where you are!

Additional Examples:
I filed my teeth just to eat you!
Horses! RUN!
If my head can fit through, the rest will follow.
Oh look! A shiny!
Writing is evil; burn it!

Goblin Stunts:

Common racial stunts for a goblin to have.

It Burns Good (Survival)
The character can spend a FATE point and start a fire, no matter the conditions. Even if all the fuel is sopping wet and he has nothing for equipment except pocket lint, everything will soon be ablaze.

Right Behind You (Stealth)
Goblins are masters at stealth and those with this aspect gain a +2 bonus on rolls to sneak attack someone.

Creature of Darkness (Alertness)
Goblins have excellent night vision and keen hearing, they ignore penalties for all but total darkness.

Trash Metabolism (Endurance)
Goblins can eat any food without getting sick. They also receive a +2 bonus for rolls to resist poison.

Goblins of FATE

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