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Goblins Rule and Goblins Drool

We all know the Great Goblin race does not read and looks on writing as the quickest way to deflated or explode you most proud Goblin head, literally. The result of this being that Goblins have a rich, and somewhat varied oral history. What does this have to do with this game? Almost nothing, except that it explains the events that lead to your current situation, witch are gone over in greater detail in the The Lead Up.


Pathfinder SRD
For full access to Goblin Feats and Magic your going have to purchase Goblins of Golarion yourself. I just cannot type it all up here, if you do buy it though you can have two Goblin traits from it. These trait are Not necessarily for game play.
Goblin Race In case you needed to know the modification for being a Goblin.

Goblins of FATE


Brinestup Marsh is home to the Licktoad tribe. When visiting you might find such features as; the fish trail, the lair of the “Ugly Slobbering Hunger” (better know to the people of Sandpoint as the “Soggy River Monster”), Walthus’ house, a burnt out ship hull, the swamp witches shack, and a large ship wreck.

Main Page

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